‘Claws’ Episode 2


Saleema Johnson said…
I'm really enjoying the show because it's funny and edgy and I easily fall in love with the characters for who they are. However, there's just a few things that rubbed me the wrong way this episode. Like the rolls of the shop owner, (desi what's her name?) when she was presented with the already known news of roller missing then dead. She had this big break down where the girls consoled her. And wen uncle daddy came around to pry she played so obviously suspicious. She didnt act as if the news was new to her or upset about it. I thought it was just dumb. I also feel the emphasis on rollers fronts being left in the boat was unnecessary. I was entertained by the funeral and desi's autistic brother. I love his character. I'm proud of the guy portraying him although I can't think of his name. He never really catches a good break like wen they killed him off on z nation the first episode. Anyways, overall good show I'll be watching next week.