Phaedra Parks Begging Omarosa to Save Her Job?

Over the weekend news leaked that Phaedra Parks had been fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta for being a pathological liar 

Is Phaedra hoping Omarosa Manigault will come to her rescue...? 

Insiders tell Naughty Gossip,
“Omarosa is great on TV and would add sooo much drama to Atlanta Housewives that they would never need to hire NENE ever again.”
“Parks is begging her to think about coming on the show. At first as a friend and then as a full time cast member. They could even film her with Donald Trump in The White House for the show. If she could deliver Omarosa then she could get back on the show too. How could they not bring Parks back if she comes with THE PRESIDENTS right hand?”