Bishop Ron Gibson Accused of Stealing Inheritance

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Preachers of LA star Bishop Ron Gibson accused of robbing the estate of a deceased church member...

The granddaughter of a deceased member of Bishop Ron Gibson's Life Church of God in Christ sent this message to Obnoxious TV along with a link to a recorded phone call described below.
Conference call with Bishop Ron Gibson, Atty Moore and Aunt Rondalyn. 
Together the three ensured that I never new about the trust my grandmother created in 1997 and how she had an insurance policy that her trust was directed to use to pay off her debt (including the reverse mortgage she took out and gave to the church)… So not only did she give the church the money from her reverse mortgage… 
I revered [Bisphop Gibson] as a father figure since I was a little girl. I can’t believe he would do this to me. But I’m sure money is his only God. As long as he can live in a multi million dollar house with an indoor swimming pool, he can care less about the generational wealth that my grandparents intended me to have via a $120K house.