James Packer Shuts Down Mariah Carey Cash Grab

Last month Mariah Carey demanded a $50 million inconvenience fee from ex fiancé, billionaire businessman James Packer, for uprooting her and her children from New York to LA to be closer to his children, before abruptly ending their engagement [click here if you missed that]. 

Settlement talks have broken down and James is refusing to pay anything... 

According to TMZ Mariah Carey is blaming heartbreak over her  broken engagement for canceling the South American leg of her Sweet Fantasy tour and claims James used her star power to close a few deals while they were together entitling her to a $50 million payday.

While sources close to James insist the tour was canceled due to low ticket sales and since they never married he doesn't owe her anything.

Meanwhile details from Mariah's child custody agreement with Nick Cannon leaked last week showing she made $6 million in 2014 while Nick earned $2.7 million.