Simply Fab: Ms. Adrienne Bailon Rocks The Cover Of Rollingout Magazine.....

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 Ms. Adrienne Bailon Rocks The Cover Of Rollingout Magazine....

Here is portion of Adrienne new interview:

 Adrienne Bailon started her career as a teenager in the group 3LW and eventually garnered success with the Disney franchise, The Cheetah Girls.
However, Bailon knew that it was time to make a change when she found herself still portraying a teenager in her mid-20s.
“I was a 26-year-old and still playing a 15-year-old,” Bailon said during an interview with rolling out in Atlanta. “I think The Cheetah Girls was originally supposed to be one film, but then it became two and three, which was a huge deal. But like all Disney franchises, they have to come to an end at some point. I was so grateful we went out with a bang.  I think we died off peacefully.”
Bailon is transitioning into more adult themes with her latest project. She stars as the lead alongside Ja Rule in the new film, I’m in Love with a Church Girl. “The film is actually based on the true-life story of the project’s writer, Galley Molina,” she said. “I think the biggest message in this movie is that your past does not determine your future. I think it has such a great message of hope, especially for people right now who feel hopeless — that feel they have done so much wrong. God wants you to come as you are. He can turn your life around.”

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Indeed, the themes explored on Bailon’s solo album will likely reflect her views on the tribulations of love and relationships. After being involved in a highly publicized relationship while dating Rob Kardashian, Bailon has learned the value of doing things more discreetly when it comes to matters of the heart.
“I think the most important thing that I’ve learned is that you live and you learn,” she admits.  “Try not to make the same mistakes twice. This time around for me, I think it’s just something you have to keep sacred. You have to keep to yourself and keep things private.  Control it as much as you can.”
There are several theories on the correct approach to dating and relationships. While some believe that it’s important to have rules when it comes to dating, Bailon believes that it can ruin chemistry.
“I don’t think you should have a set rule,” she says. “I definitely don’t think you should follow a rule someone else created.  You can follow your own rules that you deem great for yourself whether it’s 15 days or 200 days. You decide what that is and what works for you. Take your time. I think to set rules and limitations often ruins things.

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