JUICY..... Ms. Pilar Sanders is writing a tell-all book about Deion!

Hot Damn! I will definitely get Ms. Pilar's book. Pilar is not leave the spotlight anytime soon she is releasing a  tell all book base on being married Deion. I'm pretty sure Deion maybe working on his on tell all book as well. Deion cannot handle anyone slandering his character. This will get ugly!

Side Note: I really hope Pilar adds a workout DVD as one of her side hustle because she is really in shape!

According to HipHollywood, "The book will detail what Pilar has described as her abusive marriage to NFL legend, Deion Sanders. While Deion has maintained that he never physically abused Pilar during their time together, the reality TV beauty is sticking by her story.
“I want to be a mentor to other women who have been abused, by sharing my story, my struggles and letting them in, it will not only help heal myself but others experiencing the same trials and struggles as well,” she tells HH exclusively.
“There are thousands of women fighting for their rights, their children and their own identity out there. We as women and mothers need to ban together to show support for injustice. I will continue my fight as long as I walk this earth, and with Jesus at my side all will prevail,” she proclaimed during our chat.
Bowyer tells HH that the book will be the “true, uncut story about the abuse Pilar endured, how she built an empire with him, and how he cheated on her."