Ciara Tea!

The insider on LSA exposes Ciara drug problems and more ish! The industry is not shit!

From the Website, "Ciara at one point was a good friend of mine who I no longer associate with. Before she hit it big she was fun to hang around and just ALIVE. That changed and the bitch cut me off to continue hanging out with Ashley from college hill. Ashley cheated on Mike moved onto another baller and even fucked Bow Wow behind Cici's back. Ciara and Ashley are no longer friends and Ashley is playing mommy with some ***** who treats her like shit. THAT DONT MATTER anymore because Ci is still cool with one of our homegirls who says when she is back in the A Ci is always calling for bags of that white girl Cocaine for her because it helps her stay focused and ready to work out and she has this complex about being thin. she is crying that her career is not where she wants it to be. she thinks she should be on beyonce level because the talent is there but people like Chelsea handler and 50 cent have sabotaged it. Amare' was not into her besides the attention he got on blogs which caused his REAL girl to get jealous. She knew he was just running game. Ci stays in a lonely condo in Santa Monica beach cali now. Future is her new dude and he and her get high off molly's cocaine and ci prefers those over liquor. At times she calls her friends and is suicidal. "

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