Side eye: Rita Ora: “Jay-Z thinks I could be as big as Rihanna”..


Rita Ora recently sat down for an interview with The Guardian for an interview to promote her new single “R.I.P.” featuring Tinie Tempah. During the interview the Albanian songstress spoke, again, on the continuous Rihanna comparisons she’s been receiving since she made her debut. Rita also dished on being starstruck upon meeting Jay-Z and her crush on Drake.
On the Rihanna comparisons: “I don’t think there will be a next Rihanna,” she says. “But I think [Jay Z] definitely sees me as someone who could be as big as Rihanna. She’s a superstar now but they first knew her as a small-island girl – and they want to repeat that success.”
On meeting Jay-Z and their relationship now: “I couldn’t prepare to have the heart attack before I had the heart attack. I shook his hand and my belly felt like it was about to throw up. Now it’s like I knew him for years. He’s so welcoming and humble and genuinely helpful and caring when it comes to music.”
On attending the same theater school as Amy Winehouse: “There were so many different vocational subjects that everyone could do a different thing. There were people who loved musical theater, for instance, but I never really had that [adopts stage-y voice]“Laaaaaaaaa!”
On having a crush on Drake: “Oh yeah, used to! Not that I still do!” she blushes, before saying somewhat unconvincingly: “I just was a fan of his music. And he sings songs that make women feel good about themselves.”