UpDate: Oh my DAMN! Trina Braxton Husband's Gabe doing hand exercises

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Straight from Sandra Rose.com

A Twitter.com user is claiming to have footage of Trina Braxton’s husband, Gabe Solis, doing hand exercises (I would be more explicit but this is a family oriented blog). Trina is singer Toni Braxton’s youngest sister, and she’s one of the stars of WE tv’s popular reality show ‘Braxton Family Values‘.
As proof of her claims, the woman, whose Twitter handle is @1DonDiva, uploaded a video of Gabe relaxing on his marital bed while discussing his wife’s personal business with a total stranger on Skype. At some point in the nearly 3 minute video, the woman tells Gabe how sexy he is. In addition to calling his wife a drunkard, Gabe revealed that he never had emotions for any woman outside of his marriage, despite Trina’s assertions that he cheated on her for 5 out of the 7 years they were married.

The video is now online. I can no longer look at Gabe the same.


Anonymous said…
Trina is one of my favorites out of the Braxtons. I always thought she could do better. He cheated on her for five years out of the seven they have been married. She should of been gone a long time ago.

Here is a link from a site where the blogger does an excellent time line on bey pregnancy, it is a great read.
I do not understand Why Trina should let Gabe go. Trina could do way better. I cannot stand Gabe at all.
I will check out the link thank you.
Anonymous said…
Your welcome. The blogger who did the timeline did an excellent job. Let me know what you think.
I'm really impress that the blogger paid attention to small details. The timeline is on point!!! This right here proves Beyonce is really faking the funk. Now if Smokie including a picture of pregnant Beyonce carrying Juelz. I think she may have truly exposed Beyonce. Hell if I could find the picture. I would personally email or comment her. Again Thank you for the link.
ThatChick said…
This is so messy.com!