Fuck Birdman... Fuck Lil' Wayne, and Fuck Cash Money Records ..... Youtube Tireo exposes Cash Money Records( Lil' Wayne and Baby) and what happen to Magnolia Shorty

Keyshia Cole has her own Day get out of here; Keyshia Cole Celebrates “Keyshia Cole Day”

Hot Damn Royce Reed Promotion Photos For Her New Workout DVD

Chris Brown's Fan did a good deed Returns $22,000 Rolex At MTV Awards

Amber Rose "Big Bird" looking ass claims Hacker Uses Twitter Account To Fire Shots At Kanye West

DRAMA Monica is throwing shade on Twitter.

Sooo... Lil' Wayne rocking Women Jeggings is this really Gangsta.

WTF is Diddy smoking To Release Photography Book "Culo" Of Women's Backsides

LaLa grace the cover of VIBE VIXEN's Premiere Issue

Kanye West's gets no LOVE in China his music was among the songs officially banned from the Internet in China, the Ministry of Culture department has announced.

T.I.P aka TI will be back; going to be a free man in just a couple of days

Wow!!! Rihanna Waxy Figure looks exactly like her in Berlin.

I Side eye Beyonce so- called Pregnancy.