Reggie Bush will appear on a reality show.

Before you may ask no it will not be "Keeping up with the Kardashians" . Kim will probably dump her fake relationship and come running to Mr. Reggie Bush in a heart beat.  It's like a funky remake of "Freaky Friday."

Two men have switched lives for a week, both are named Reggie Bush.

Bush, the New Orleans Saints running back, is spending time in Danville, Ill., living the life of the other Bush, a construction worker in the town for 33,000. (No, the NCAA had nothing to do with this.)

Construction worker Bush is living the life of an offseason NFL player.

It's all for a CBS reality show called "Same Name," which features celebrities switching places with people who have the same moniker.

The NFL star visted a high school in Danville and lifted weights with the football team. He tweeted this week that he is “staying with a cool family out here that shares my last name!”

He says the show will air in July.

Credit: Associated Press

Mona will be doing  this while  waiting for Reggie Bush sexy chocolate on the Television Show. Cues in the Ciara dancing gif.