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Tristian Thompson Still Hooking Up with Jordy Craig?

Now insiders claim Tristian and Jordy are still hooking up and are hotter than ever... 

From Star Magazine
Now that Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, has a new baby, it seems that he’s found a way to sneak around in plain sight.
Though Tristan, 26, has been dating Khloe, 32, since September, friends tell Star that he never ended it with Jordy Craig, who gave birth to their son, Prince, on Dec. 12. “Tristan has been juggling Khloe and Jordy thd whole time,” a source tells Star.
At first Khloe was clueless, but once it got out that he sent Jordy the same bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses that he gave her, she got suspicious. 
“More than once, Khloe caught Tristan texting or talking quietly on the phone but when she asked who it was, he’d say a friend or teammate,” says the source. 
“Now if Khloe catches him red-handed – like if she hears Jordy’s voice on the phone – Tristan will say they’re talking about Prince. Things with Jordy are hotter than ever!” 
Yet for now, Khloe’s sticking with Tristan. “She feels betrayed but doesn’t know how to wiggle out of the relationship without humiliating herself,” says the source.


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