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Da Brat cannot afford to pay $6.4 million

Da Brat cannot afford to pay $6.4 million.... You better ask your BFF Mariah Carey for some funds.
11:40 AM PT -- Da Brat just called in to "TMZ Live," and pretty much told Stevens to get in line ... because she owes a LOT of people money ... and $6.4 million isn't exactly in her budget.

Almost Does Not Count: Remains Quiet About Recent Breakup...

Brandy Remains Quiet About Recent Breakup With Ryan Press!
Last night, Hip Hollywood caught up with the singer on the red carpet to get to the real scoop, and Brandy quickly let them know:
I’m not talking about my relationship. I’m here to celebrate powerful women today.She also added:
I think you just have to speak from your heart and if you want to share [your relationship], great. If not, then that’s your choice.

‘It Wasn’t Racism!’ Austrian News Reporter Who Accosted Kim Kardashian In Blackface Says It Wasn’t Offensive Because He Is Arab

It Wasn’t Racism!’ Austrian News Reporter Who Accosted Kim Kardashian In Blackface Says It Wasn’t Offensive Because He Is Arab 
According to Radar,  It almost seemed too bizarre to be true, but only has photos of the jaw-dropping would-be prankster, and the details of why he says it wasn’t racism!
">Austrian news reporter Chris Stephan of Puls4 posted a photo of himself in blackface and wearing giant plastic chains at the ProSieben network offices on Thursday before the ball. Holding a picture of Kardashian with “My Woman” scrawled across it in German, he captioned the photo “Let’s go! To the Opera Ball. Kanye is looking for his girl…”

Damon Dash And Jayz Reconcile....

Damon talks Jayz during an recent interview with Revolt Tv...

Pharrell Full Breakfast Club Power 105 Interview...

Pharrell Full Breakfast Club Power 105 Interview...

'Arsenio Hall Show' Renewed for Second Season

 'Arsenio Hall Show' Renewed for Second Season

According to Hollywood,
Former Tonight Show host Jay Leno made his first public appearance since exiting NBC's late-night staple to congratulate Hall and break the news of the show's renewal on Wednesday.
"We are thrilled that Arsenio will be returning for a second season,” CBSTVD president of sales Joe DiSalvo said. “We knew Arsenio had a built-in fan base, but he’s also reaching a new generation. This season, Arsenio has been the youngest late-night talk show on broadcast television and has given our station partners a real alternative for their late-night lineups.”

Khloé Kardashian Talks Divorce From Lamar Odom: “Everything Happens For A Reason!”

Khloe finally talks about her divorce during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.

But even with her marriage ending, she filed for divorce from the basketball player back in December, Khloé maintains that she "wouldn't change a thing."
"Your life is meant for you to understand and process, not to make anyone else happy," she told the mag.
"I don't have any regrets…you learn as you go."

Couples Therapy Season 4 Episode 9

Click Here to watch!

Not So Good: Has Husband Of Brittish From “Basketball Wives L.A.” Been Hooking Up With A Houston Model?

Lorenzo accused of creeping on the low!

According to,
A BOSSIP reader tipped us off to an affair the overseas baller is allegedly having with a Houston model named Nini. “They met in the lobby of a hotel in Houston, not long after he finished shooting “Basketball Wives,” a source close to the situation tells BOSSIP exclusively. “He was on his way to Argentina to play basketball but his flight had been delayed.” According to the insider, Brittish is still unaware of the affair. “When they first met he lied and said she was just his girlfriend,” our insider dished. “After he was called out for having a tattoo on his finger he admitted they were engaged but he said he didn’t want to marry her because she wouldn’t sign a prenup and that everything was for the show.” The source added, “To my knowledge the affair is still ongoing.”

Drake Calls Kanye West 'Genius of All Geniuses

Drake Calls Kanye West 'Genius of All Geniuses ... 
“I want you to understand this is my dear friend,” Drake told the crowd at O2 World. “This is the reason why I’m standing in front of you today. This is the mentor, this is the God. This is the genius of all geniuses. This is the man that is Kanye motherfu**in’ West.”

Faith Evans confirms ‘creative split’ from R&B Divas: ‘My hands are not in there’

Faith Evans is no longer creatively involved in the direction of R&B Divas Atlanta and its respective spin-off R&B Divas LA.
According to the “Again” singer, her creative input was not valued during season two last year (2013) and as a result, she knew it was time to go.
“The original goal of us being positive and showing that we can come together, which the first season very much reflected. The person we went into business with on the production side kinda started to feel like it was their thing. I just felt like this isn’t what I signed up for. Once our creative input wasn’t being acknowledged or respected, I knew it was time to go,” Evans shared during a recent interview on Wise & Foolish TV.

Ciara Low Key Shades Beyonce...

Ciara shares a throwback picture  of her video with a little message... If you missed the original post about Beyonce ripsoff  Ciara click Here ....

Kendrick Lamar & ScHoolboy Q Cover Billboard Magazine

Kendrick Lamar & ScHoolboy Q Cover Billboard Magazine

Tameka Raymond Talks Forgiveness....

Tameka Raymond talks forgiveness over her son's death during an recent interview...
Forgiving Jeffery Hubbard, who was convicted in Kile’s death: 

I forgive people that I fell have done things wrong. Who am I to judge? I know that he loved my son, I can’t imagine that obviously that would have been done purposely. It was an accident you know and I forgive him.Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

Brian White Rocks the Cover Of Rollingout Magazine.....

Brian White Rocks the Cover Of Rollingout Magazine.....

Here is portion of Brian's interview:

We had a lot of work to accomplish in one day, but not a lot of time to do it.
First, there was the matter of shooting an entire editorial spread showing White’s affinity for Harley-Davidson — four scenes, four locations — all in a day. An avid bike enthusiast, the goal was to capture a day in the life of White as he cruised around Los Angeles sporting his 2014 Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special. The timing of the shots had to be just right to give the desired feel, hence the uneasiness of the crew. But those feelings quickly dissipated the moment White entered the room.
“You guys ready for an amazing day? I’m really excited about this.”
It was almost as if White had teleported back to his days of playing professional football for the New England Patriots, and he somehow sensed that his assembled team for the day needed a pep talk before the final big play. His enthusiasm was instantl…

VH1's "Tanning Of America" Part 4....

Click here to watch!

Double Stories:Beyoncé fans left devastated after buying fake tickets

Beyoncé fans left devastated after buying fake ticketsBeyoncé fans hoping to see their idol perform in Manchester were left devastated this week after being turned away because of counterfeit tickets.
The superstar singer performed at the city's Manchester Arena on February 25 and 26 but a scammer had been selling fakes on Gumtree.
140 people had paid more than about £100 each for a ticket but they were turned away at the venue's doors because they were fake.
One woman told the Manchester Evening News that she had bought four tickets together at a 'discounted' price of £350 before realising she had been duped at the venue. 

In similar Chaka Khan shades the phuck out of Beyonce....

Kid Cudi Is Mad He Wasn’t Featured More On ‘Yeezus'

Kid Cudi Is Mad He Wasn’t Featured More On ‘Yeezus'According to, But now he’s opening up about some frustrations that led to his departure from Kanye West‘s label. Namely, he thinks he was “underused,” deserving more, and longer, features on G.O.O.D. tracks. For instance, Cudi claims his vocal on Yeezustrack “Guilt Trip” was a couple years old and that he didn’t know it was being used until the song dropped, and that it was tacked on to trick Cudi fans into listening.“It was like, why not call me and have me come in there and give it? Why underuse me?” he told Complex. ”Why put four bars of vocals to coax my fans into thinking this is a legitimate Kid Cudi feature on this song and it isn’t?” He continued, “Same deal with the G.O.O.D. Music album, the compilation. Had I not given Kanye ‘Creepers’ my only presence would’ve been on that one song, that I can’t even remember the title for. ['The Morning' —Ed.] I would’ve barely been on that album.”

Rosie Perez Chats With Hot 97....

Rosie Perez Chats With Hot 97....

Kanye West Yeezus Tour Film Coming to Theaters

 Kanye West Yeezus Tour Film Coming to Theaters

Kanye West has updated his website to announce that a Yeezus tour film is about to be released upon us all. It was directed by Hype Williams, and will be in theaters. Watch a trailer at his website now.

Kim Kardashian’s Opera Ball Escort Complains ‘She’s Annoying Me’ After He Paid Her $500K To Show

 Kim Kardashian’s Opera Ball Escort Complains ‘She’s Annoying Me’ After He Paid Her $500K To Show

According to,
Austrian businessman Richard Lugner has made a tradition of paying starlets big bucks to accompany him to Vienna’s annual Opera Ball. This year, has learned that he paid Kim Kardashian$500,000 to be his date. But he’s not getting his money’s worth! Just hours after Kardashian’s arrival with mom Kris Jenner and baby North West, Lugner spoke out to local media to complain about how Kardashian had stood him up to film scenes for Keeping Up with the Kardashians!
“Kim is annoying me,” Lugner told reporters. “Because she’s not sticking to the program.”
Only hours after her arrival, Lugner claimed, the reality star stood him up to go to a Schnitzel restaurant with her mom Jenner, and film scenes for her reality show.  

But Kim tells a different story hmmm...

Kim Kardashianstormed out of the hoity-toity Vienna Ball after some white dude working the event c…

More News On Ms. "Shady" Phaedra.....

  Things are not looking pretty for Phaedra....

According to Radar,  But now, even more details about Parks’ allegedly shady business behavior have emerged in depositions for the case obtained by, and they lay bare the supposed “criminal enterprise” in which Parks was allegedly involved.
Stanton gave a deposition in the case on February 4, 2014, expanding on the claims she issued in her allegedly libelous book.
According to Stanton, she met Parks in 1998 or 1999 “through a guy that I was dating at the time” and they quickly hit it off.
“Her and I became friends,” Stanton said. “We were close. She became close to my family. I kind of looked up to her like a mentor.
A year or two after meeting, Stanton claimed in the deposition, “there was criminal activity involved in our relationship” as the two became business associates in a scheme involving “fraudulent bank accounts, insurance checks, fake IDs, chop shops, stolen cars, fraudulent titles, fraudulent r…

Rumor Failed: Drake Did Not Fire His PR Team....

There were reports about Drake axing his own pr team over the Rollingstone interview..

According to Complex Magazine,
UPDATE 02/27/2014 9:23PM:  In the original report above, we erroneously reported that Drake fired ID-PR. ID-PR has since reached out to Complex saying that they were not fired, but they resigned from working with Drake. - Justin Davis

Double Stories..... Robin Is Still Trying To Get That Old Thing Back!

Robin Is Still Trying To Get That Old Thing Back!

 According to, When paparazzi cornered Robin Thicke at the airport today, asking questions about his recent split from wife Paula Patton, he offered up a surprisingly candid response: "I'm just trying to get her back, man...

In similar news, Robin Thicke & Paula Patton’s Son Involved in Minor Crash With Paparazzi ( The Stir)

And on Thursday afternoon, Paula and their 3-year-old son Julian were involved in a minor car accident while being chased by the paparazzi. Paula, Julian, and Paula’s assistant were in her black Range Rover when the crash occurred on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.
Julian was in the backseat, and no injuries have been reported.

Mary Mary Season 3, Episode 1

Season 3 begins with the duo returning from their hiatus and landing on the cover of Ebony magazine. Also: Tina reveals that her marriage is under massive strain; and Erica puts her focus on her solo career.

Click Here to watch 

Showtime: Scandal Season 3 Episode 11

Click Here to watch!

Poor Dat: Da Brat -- Bludgeoned with $6.4 Million Verdict ... After Bottling Cheerleader [UPDATED ]

 Da Brat -- Bludgeoned with $6.4 Million Verdict ... After Bottling Cheerleader [UPDATED ]

1:50 PM PT -- The jury wasn't finished. They just awarded the victim another $2.7 MILLION as added punishment for Da Brat's violent bottle assault.

As we reported, the jury has already awarded ex-NFL cheerleader Shayla Stevens $3.7 million to cover her injuries and past/future loss of earnings. Da Brat now owes Stevens a grand total of $6.4 MILLION.

Da Brat is gonna pay twice for violently bottling a former NFL cheerleader inside an ATL nightclub back in 2007 -- after serving more than 3 years in prison for the crime ... the rapper now has to pay the victim $3.7 MILLION.

Shayla Stevens -- who used to cheer for the Atlanta Falcons -- sued Da Brat in 2009, while the rapper was serving her prison sentence after pleading guilty to aggravated assault.

The civil trial hit a stumbling block Wednesday when a juror in the case admitted he wasn't a U.S. citizen-- but the new jury quickly…

Pharrell Responds To 'G I R L' Cover Controversy

Pharrell still can't elude the critics. The Grammy-winning producer recently received backlash for not including any black women on the cover of his new solo record G I R L. The "Happy" singer dialed up the Breakfast Club (Feb. 27) and offered up the following explanation:

"What really disappointed me is that, man, [the critics] jumped the gun 'cause the woman I'm standing closest to is black and she's a black girl from Wisconsin I used to date over 10, 12 years ago. That must suck for people to just look at something and assume they know what's going on..."

Carmen Bryan Sends A Message To Nas

Nas' baby mama has an ultimatum  ... pay your back child support or your sorry ass is going to jail.

Carmen Bryanfiled legal docs claiming Nas -- real name Nasir Jones -- owes her more than 11K in back child support for his 19-year-old daughter, Destiny.

Bryan labels Nas a "repeat criminal non supporter" and says he's intentionally screwing over his daughter by refusing to pay her college tuition and her medical bills.

Mike Epps Chats With Wendy Williams

Mike  Epps Chats With Wendy Williams
The hilarious Mike Epps tells Wendy about taking on a dramatic role in the new thriller, “Repentance.”
Then, does Mike think it’s ok to stay friend’s with an ex? What’s the secret to Mike’s long marriage?

Kim Z Denies Story....

Of course, Kim denies the story....  Earlier it was reported, According to Radar, Kim Zolciak‘s dream home has turned into a financial nightmare. Just weeks after Zolciak was forced totake out a $300k loanto finish construction on her Atlanta mansion, has learned that she’s been ordered to cough up thousands of dollars in back taxes — or move out! According to tax documents obtained by Radar, Zolciak and her husband, Kroy Biermann, were recently served with two tax liens: one from the City of Milton, Georgia, for $1,665.26, and the other from the State of Georgia and Fulton county for $10,572.67

Show Stopper: Rihanna Flaunts Her Hot Look At Balmain Show for Paris Fashion Week 2/27

Rihanna Flaunts  Her Hot Look At Balmain Show for Paris Fashion Week 2/27.. Rihanna  was late for the Balmain show did not stop her for turning heads with her hot new look...

Nicki Minaj's Ex Stylist Talks About Lawsuit....

Nicki Minaj's Ex Stylist Talks About Lawsuit.... During an recent interview with Talking with Tami, Terrence has a lot of things to say.....
Terrence sat down with me exclusively for Hype Hair TV, to talk about his $30 million dollar lawsuit against former client Nicki Minaj. “The whole situation is pretty much, everyone looks at it different; they see money. But me, I am fighting for what’s right. I am fighting for justice,” he says. “The reason I am fighting for it is because it hurts me on the inside, because this what I love to do and if it’s something that somebody takes away from you, something that you love to this, it’s like this is your heart. So what are you supposed to do?”
According to the complaint, Davidson accuses Minaj for allegedly selling the wig designs he created on her website without his permission. Although $30 million is a staggering amount, his lawsuit is driven by more ethics than financial gain.
“Somebody sent me a photo of some…

Kanye West Biopic..

This will be good!

According to Radar Online sources, the rapper is teaming with American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis to pen a biopic about his life.
It will be "based on the Yeezus album," a source claims," it will tells the "narrative of Kanye's life" and it will star Kim Kardashian!
They’re still working on the script, so it’s unclear at this point if Kim will be a major star of the movie or making a smaller cameo,” the insider alleges. "But her role in the movie will be pivotal."
Sort of like her best known role to date, we presume. Yes, that's a Kim Kardashian sex tape joke.
This report goes on to say Kim's part in the film will be "very dramatic."

Eva Shows Off Her Baby Girl

Eva Shows Off Her Baby Girl

Paula Deen: I'm like 'that black football player'

Paula Deen compares herself to Micheal Sam. Did Paula really has to use the term black to describe Micheal Sam?

According to USA,
Deen says, "I'm fighting to get my name back," adding, "I feel like 'embattled' or 'disgraced' will always follow my name. It's like that black football player who recently came out," says Deen, referring to NFL prospect Michael Sam. "He said, 'I just want to be known as a football player. I don't want to be known as a gay football player.' I know exactly what he's saying."
At her lowest, Deen says, she took comfort in the kitchen. "I made eight cakes in six days," she tells People. The crazed baking prompted her husband of nearly 10 years, Michael Groover, 58, to tell her, "Honey, I don't know if I'm going to survive this," she recalls.

Janet Jackson Shut Down Break Up Rumors...

 Janet Jackson insists her marriage is not on the rocks.

There has been recent speculation about the state of the singer's relationship with Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana.

But Janet wants to make it clear any reports about them splitting are completely false.

'The rumours about their marriage are a lie. They are very happy and very much together. In fact, the couple has recently purchased an even larger home in New York," her rep confirmed to Entertainment Tonight.

The pop star and Wissam got married in a secret ceremony two years ago. Janet admitted to the marriage in 2013, to set the record straight.

"The rumours regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony," she confirmed to E! News. "Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favourite children's charities. We would appreciate that our privacy is respected and that we are allowed this …

Perez Hilton Backtracks....

If you missed Perez backlash on social media click Here.... Perez does some major backtracking.