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ISH gets REAL: Janet Jackson is seeking legal action for the false information on the web.

According to theInsider, "Last week, internet rumors surfaced concerning an alleged altercation between Janet Jackson and her niece Paris. Today, Janet Jackson's attorney, Blair G. Brown, tells The Insider that Janet vehemently denies the altercation. "Ms. Jackson did not slap Paris, and did not call her a 'spoiled little bitch' or a 'bitch,'" says Brown.
According to Brown, Janet is threatening legal action towards the source that originally reported the claims. Brown says that the "false statements are highly damaging to Ms. Jackson's reputation and have caused her significant harm."
Yesterday, attorneys for the estate of Michael Jackson confirmed to The Insider that Janet, Randy, Rebbie and Jermaine Jackson were prohibited from entering the Calabasas home shared by Paris, Prince, Blanket and Katherine Jackson "following the events of July 23 in which certain members of the Jackson family showed up unannounced at the Calabasas resi…


Chris Brown replaces Tina Davis his long time manager for Akon's brother ......

From Sandra Rose,"Singer/rapper Akon’s brother Abu Thiam, VP of A&R for Def Jam, replaces Tina as Brown’s new manager, learned exclusively.
Davis has taken the brunt of the blame for the colossal failure of Brown’s heavily promoted fifth studio album, Fortune. Davis ran afoul of Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, when she reportedly began a longterm sexual relationship with the teenage Brown.
Davis, who is in her 40s, has always denied having an inappropriate relationship with her well-endowed client. In 2009 Davis’ lawyer Marshall Grossman released a statement, saying “The relationship between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown is that of manager and client. There has never been any other relationship. The rumors in circulation are false....."

Miss. K. Michelle " Love and HipHop Atlanta" has step her game up! Maybe Dating Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte

No shade here Miss.  K. Michelle maybe dating  Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte.....  I did not see this one coming! Forget Memphitz this guy here actually has a REAL CAREER....

 According toRolling Out Magazine, "
During the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics on July 27, K. Michelle took to Twitter to show her support for the professional swimmer.
K. Michelle had even greater words of praise for Lochte when he took home the gold medal in the 400m individual medley.
“And the whip a@$ begin @ryanlochte wins his first gold medal. I’m so f*ckin proud of u,” tweeted K. Michelle.
K. Michelle and Lochte were spotted sitting together last year at the 2011 NBA All-Star game, and now that K. Michelle has made their friendship public, fans are wondering if her affectionate nickname for Lochte “pooh,” is an indication that the two have become more than j…

Soo..... Olivia "Love and HipHop" R&B singer gets around huh?

What can I say? It's a shame Olivia  screwing majority of the men in the industry, but  still does not shit to show for it career wise. According, to well known JackyJasper Olivia will do anything for Fame coughs thirsty........ This websitereveals all the tea on Olivia!!

"For Olivia Longott there’s really no ‘Love’ in hip hop, rather she’s whoring her way through it. Sources exclusively reveal to HSK a past Olivia doesn’t want you to know about – a history of sleeping with some of the music industry’s leading players: from 50 Cent, to Missy Elliott, to Rich Dollaz. It’s the reason why the former First Lady of G-Unit Records has been keeping herself afloat.
But despite her apparent ‘sleeping her way to the top’ philosophy, insiders say her loose ways are the exact reason why the 31-year-old’s music career hasn’t taken off. Just ask 50 Cent, who bumped Olivia while she was sleeping with Shaggy – only to later strip her of the ‘First Lady of G-Unit’ title he once gave her.

New ISH: Rick Ross feat Dr. Dre and Jay-Z "3 Kings" video....

Rick Ross feat Dr. Dre and Jay-Z  "3 Kings" video....

Lupe Fiasco speaks the TRUTH: “I think there should be a balance. On the radio, you turn it on and every other record is referring that bitch, that negative lifestyle

Lupe Fiasco speaks the TRUTH atleast he does recognize the problem in today's rap music...... According toHiphopDx, " During an interview with “Windy City Live” (via FSD), the Chicago, Illinois native elaborated on his comments, stating that the culture is technically at a high point but the messages in the music are subpar.
“I think the substance of it. I think technically, it’s great. The music is as well-produced as it’s ever been, videos are as polished, the chains are as clean, the models are as beautiful as they’ve ever been… But then you get into the substance of the records. The majority of commercial Hip Hop – most of what everybody sees is commercial Hip Hop – is lacking substance. Terribly.”

ClickHERE to read more of Lupe Fiasco's interview.....................

Nicki Minaj "Pound the Alarm" official video......

Nicki Minaj's new video for her single "Pound the Alarm"........

Shade BABY!!! Eve On Her First Love Stevie J: He Wouldn’t Have A Chance Now!

This is why I respect Eve....

According to HipHollywood, "During an appearance at a ‘Uniquely You’ summit in her home town of Philadelphia, Eve explained why the current Stevie wouldn’t have a chance with her now......

Vanessa Bryant is allegedly “furious” that her husband keeps putting himself

FromGossipWeLove, "According to reports Kobe Bryant was caught shirtless, and having a drunken convo between two women last week in Barcelona and the pictures have caused many to wonder if the Olympian was cheating on his wife Vanessa, or just having a good time!

Now, Vanessa Bryant is allegedly “furious” that her husband keeps putting himself in these positions to be photographed. And she'sembarrassed by the situation but that will not stop her from remaining in their relationship despite a recent divorce scare.
One source close to Kobe who was at the party said
"Bryan had to take off his shirt because “someone spilled an entire drink on him … his shirt was soaking wet.” and both women in the photo had their significant other with them [...]"

How Nice: Emily B Reaches Out To Mimi Faust

From Taletela,"Love & Hip Hop star Emily B has admitted that she "feels" for Atlanta spinoff star Mimi Faust and reached out to her when they both spoke recently.
The two reality vixens no doubt share similar experiences - with Emily being publicly humiliated on the VH1 show by her rapper beau, Fabolous, who denied fathering her son and was alleged to have slept with her co-star Kimbella.
In an interview with Hello Beautiful, Emily B reflected on their similarities and the pain she also endured in her high-profile relationship:
"I mean I spoke to Mimi and watching her I felt for her," she said.
"I understand how it feels to love someone and feel that pain… Fab only has one child with me so… I’ve never dealt with anything on [her] level in my life."
"Her story is a strong powerful story that I can’t even imagine going through."

Really? R. Kelly says he still appreciates Jay-Z, even though the two had a falling out

From HiphopDx, "In 2004, Jay-Z and R. Kelly's tour in support of The Best of Both Worlds and Unfinished Business infamously fell apart. In October 2004, R. Kelly stopped in the middle of a performance in New York's Madison Square Garden, leaving the stage and later claiming that men were waving guns at him. R. Kelly later filed a $75 million lawsuit against Hov for removing him from the tour.
Despite all the drama, R. Kelly says that he still listens to Jay's music. "Absolutely; huge fan," said Kelly in an interview with MTV News.
"I love a good marriage — I love love. Anything that works for me, anything that feels good to my soul, that feels like this is what I should do, I'm gonna do it," continued Kelly. "I don't care what it is, who it's with. As long as it's positive and it works for both parties, I'm with it."

Get More: Music News

Jay-Z Is Executive Producing NBA 2K13

According to MTVRapFix, "Jay-Z is expanding his sports prowess into one of the most popular basketball video game franchises. The part-owner of the Brooklyn Nets has been announced as Executive Producer of the upcoming NBA 2K13 game. A new video featuring Hov's music was released today and his website, Life + Times, confirmed the partnership.
Fans on Twitter lauded Jay and praised his ever-growing business empire. "Jay keeps winning" tweeted one while another added, "The way he continues to reinvent himself. #Inspired"
The game is slated for an Oct 2 release. A special "Dynasty Edition" (possibly named after Jay-Z's The Dynasty album) was announced last month. The special edition of the game features the full game of “NBA 2K13” and extras like the added All-Star content (slam dunk, three-point shootout), a full-size “NBA 2K13” Spalding basketball, 2K Sports Skullcandy earbuds and an “NBA 2K13” controller skin.

Azealia Banks Says She Turned Down Nicki Minaj

Azealia Banks tweets about not attending Nicki Minaj Tour. Of Course,  Nicki Minaj always have some little smart ass remark........................FromDailySpy, "Azealia Bankshas revealed that she turned down the chance to tour with Nicki Minaj.

The rapper said that she was forced to reject an offer to support Minaj's European tour dates due to recording commitments. She tweeted: "I got invited to tour with Nicki Minaj in Europe but I cant go because I have to finish my album during that time. :( "

Banks then assured fans that she would not be canceling plans to perform in the UK later this year, adding: "Me and @ZebraKatz & @NJENAREDDFOXX ARE COMING FOR BLOOD!!"

Shut Down: Oprah's Twitter beef with her fan........

Word of advice: If you are going to go in on someone like Oprah make sure you gave all the fact right. Oprah shut him down with no problems. Love it!!!!

According toRollingOutMagazine, "On Sunday, July 29, Winfrey found herself involved in another controversy when an angry Twitter critic challenged her about her charitable efforts in the “hood.”
Around 10:00 p.m. , a Twitter user by the name of @awalkdatalk blasted Winfrey’s humanitarian efforts and questioned her on when she would lend a helping to the “hood.”
@Oprah when are u going 2 give back 2 the ghettos in america?,” he tweeted.
Though Winfrey typically avoids any controversy, she, surprisingly, gave a quick response and challenged the users critique.
@awalkdatalk when are u? I’ve put 500 African American men thru college . And u sir?,” Winfrey replied.
Still not satisfied with Winfrey’s answer, @walkdatalk then criticized her for using the term African American and for her high-profile association with one of hip-hop’s bigge…

Candids: Nicole Murphy, Michael Strahan , and Rihanna 7/30

Nicole Murphy, ex wife of actor/comedian Eddie Murphy, and fiance Michael Strahan spend the day shopping and relaxing in Malibu. Singer Rihanna gives and gets a warm goodbye as she leaves the deck of the "Latitude" yacht at the Antibes port in France on July 29th, 2012. After posing for pics with the crew, she singed a scooter for the crew that said "To Latitude with a attitude" and "Rihanna - This is my bitch!"

Khia Investigated For Committing Welfare Fraud...

According to Taletela, "Rapper Khia is rumoured to be at the centre of an investigation for committing benefit fraud.
The washed up rapper - known for her hit 'My Neck My Back' - is said to have fallen on hard times and has been claiming benefits for herself and her teenage children in Georgia.
However, the singer is alleged to have been receiving royalties for her one-hit wonder track, produced in 2002, while still claiming, according to and various other media outlets.
Which puts the former star well above the financial threshold mark to legally seek financialaid."

Love in the AIR: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Instagram pictures

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West  are still trying to pull this sham off!

There is a little blind item about Mr. West on Page Six
"Which male musician isn’t telling his high-profile girlfriend that he previously had a gay affair with a well-known male fashion designer? "

Coughs Ricardo Tisci

Chris Brown denies the "No Homo"comment about Frank Ocean.....

Chris Brown goes on a small rant and denying the BS about Frank Ocean "No Homo" comment......