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Fuck Birdman... Fuck Lil' Wayne, and Fuck Cash Money Records ..... Youtube Tireo exposes Cash Money Records( Lil' Wayne and Baby) and what happen to Magnolia Shorty

A brave street soldier exposes what really happen with Magnolia Shorty and how wicked both Lil' Wayne and Birdman. Sorry his name is Tireo; he goes in on how Birdman sacrifice his daughter (Magnolia Shorty). How Lil' Wayne, Birdman, Juvenile, and BG all made blood sacrifices to make it in the music industry. Also, Tireo exposes how Nicki Minaj sacrifice her own cousin to be on Cash Money Records. I applaud  Tireo hands down for taking a stand in making such a video.  One more thing Tireo  sends a special warning for rapper Turk and Mystikal. If you have anytime please watch this video. I will never be a Lil' Wayne and Birdman fan ever these cold hearted bastards are truly evil. Fuck Cash Money Records. Again thank you my brother Tireo for exposing these bastards.

Keyshia Cole has her own Day get out of here; Keyshia Cole Celebrates “Keyshia Cole Day”

According to Singersroom,To start off the day, she stopped by the Bay’s #1 Hip Hop & R&B station 106 KMEL to talk to Chuy Gomez about her life in the past couple of years — making her move to Cleveland, getting married, having a child, and more. Keyshia also revealed that she’s been working on her next album, which she hopes to drop by the end of this year. As of now, she mentioned that she hopes to work with Kanye West, Ester Dean, and the production team J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.Keyshia is also currently filming her upcoming realityshow, ‘Family First,’ which will give fans an inside look in the recording process of the album, as well as her dream wedding to Daniel Gibson. “Me and my husband are having our big wedding that I’ve always wanted to have,” Keyshia Cole told Billboard’s The Juice.

Hot Damn Royce Reed Promotion Photos For Her New Workout DVD

Fuck Everlyn, Shaunie, and Jennifer Royce is that chick. Royce is getting it in this photoshoot. I literally have smoke coming from the computer screen. You better Werk it Ms. Royce Reed!!! Royce is the mutherfuckin' factor. I love it!!!! Royce you represent petite women well.

Chris Brown's Fan did a good deed Returns $22,000 Rolex At MTV Awards

Chris Brownthought his $22,000 diamond encrusted Rolex was LOST FOREVER when he accidentally tossed it into the crowd at the MTV VMAs ... but lucky for him, he thought wrong.

TMZ has learned ... Brown's watch -- a gold Rolex with a white oyster face and diamond-encrusted bezzle -- came loose at the beginning of his performance ... so he took it off and tried to toss it to a safe place ... all while dancing his face off.

But Brown missed his target and the watch ended up in the crowd.

After the performance, Brown's bodyguard went into the audience and asked if anyone had found the watch -- not really expecting anyone to come forward ... but to his surprise, the watch was in the possession of an HONEST person, who returned it to its rightful owner.

A rep for Brown tells TMZ, "Although Chris did not get to meet the fan, he is very appreciative of the fan's actions."

Still, we gotta ask ...

Credit: TMZ

Amber Rose "Big Bird" looking ass claims Hacker Uses Twitter Account To Fire Shots At Kanye West

Right Amber Rose when you claimed the pictures of your naked ass was leak to Mediatakeout. I call this bullshit. Amber Rose is so desperate for attention; she will do anything to remain in the spotlight. I see why Wiz Khalifa stays high all the time so he do not have to deal with your antics.

TaleTela reports
The model was shocked to find that tweets had been sent from her account to the likes of Yeezy, Chris Brown and even current boyfriend Wiz Khalifa. A tweet that the imposter sent from Amber's account to Chris Brown read: "I know yall know I f**ked @ChrisBrown, so what?"
Another tweet sent to ex-boyfriend Kanye suggested that they make a movie, saying: "@KanyeWest Ready 4 our New movie boo...... "Watch The Dome."
However, perhaps the message that Amber was most angry at, was the tweet sent to her boyfriend Wiz which said that she was breaking up with him. "@RealWizKhalifa f**k you b**ch a** n**ga! Its over. U aint s**t, just like that @KanyeWest b**c…

DRAMA Monica is throwing shade on Twitter.

Sooo... Lil' Wayne rocking Women Jeggings is this really Gangsta.

First Skinny Jeans now Jeggings is this is what hot in hiphop. Yeah Lil' Wayne gets a mutherfucking side eye for this. I hate and I hate when dude sag in their skinny jeans. It gets on my nerves. I wonder what's next with these rappers are going to sport as a new trend. Man bras although Rick Ross, Fat Joe, the Dream really do need to wear one. Rappers these days are getting more and more feminine.

WTF is Diddy smoking To Release Photography Book "Culo" Of Women's Backsides

Well first before I post the story King Magazine already has the back side of women cover. Rolls eyes. Diddy needs to quit playing with his child bearing hips; he knows damn well he perfers men asses. Wait this is the same man filming himself taking a pissed on Youtube video.

Sean “Diddy” Combs is teaming up with Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine and photographer Raphael Mazzucco to release the book Culo, the Italian word for a woman’s behind.
The book, releasing November 22nd, is a coffee table tome that features “legendary photos of women’s backsides” snapped by Mazzucco.
Culo appeared on Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s “Entourage” during a scene where Mazzucco photographed Adrian Grenier’s character Vince.

Credit: Hiphop Dx

LaLa grace the cover of VIBE VIXEN's Premiere Issue

They give anyone a damn magazine cover.

Check out LaLa Anthony covering the premiere digital issue and speaking on her cousin Dice's LGBT issues she's going through this season on "LaLa's Full Court Life"...

La looked fab rocking a black strapless dress and long waves for the cover. She discussed the big personal issue surroundign her cousin Dice that we'll see on this season of her show, plus what fellow YBF chick Meagan Good taught her:

On the topic of LGBT sexuality that arises:
My cousin Dice is a big part of my reality show and what’s important to me about Dice besides, obviously, that being my cousin and one of my best friends, is Dice is dealing with sexuality issues and different things like that. I think it’s important to see things like that on television because you have a lot of people struggling with who they are and trying to find themselves and worrying about if people aren’t going to accept them, and it’s good that we touch on these …

Kanye West's gets no LOVE in China his music was among the songs officially banned from the Internet in China, the Ministry of Culture department has announced.

Rapper Kanye West's music was among the songs officially banned from the Internet in China, the Ministry of Culture department has announced.
Kanye's hit song "E.T." with Katy Perry was officially banned from the Internet and even personal websites.

The song was one of 100 tracks banned due to their threat to Chinese culture, the Ministry of Culture said in an official statement.
Other artists that were banned include Lady Gaga, The Backstreet Boys, Katy Perry, Beyoncé Knowles, Britney Spears and others.

“Certain websites have been allowing users to play, listen to and download the listed songs,” the ministry said in a statement. “Such actions have disturbed the online music market order and endangered national cultural safety.”

The Chinese government began regulating music on the Internet two years ago.

This is the third time that they have issued a ban on music the ministry of Culture considers "tasteless and vulgar."
Maybe USA should banned some of the…

T.I.P aka TI will be back; going to be a free man in just a couple of days

T.I. is going to be a free man in just a couple of days. Sources have confirmed that the Atlanta rapper, currently serving an 11-month sentence in Forrest City Correctional Facility in Georgia for a parole violation after an L.A. drug arrest, will be released to a halfway house on August 31. Tip will be walking out of jail about a month early, with his original release date listed as September 29 in public records.
The Grand Hustle honcho, born Clifford Harris, Jr., should be ready to get back to the business of making music soon after his release.
While serving his sentence, the King has been keeping fans updated via his website. In his latest entry, the "Live Your Life" rapper revealed that it would be his final blog post since he expected to be released in September.
In that message, T.I. revealed that he planned to have his new music hearken back to material from his earlier days. "Next time you hear from me, I'll be back out there with you," he …

Wow!!! Rihanna Waxy Figure looks exactly like her in Berlin.

Rihanna gets her third wax figure, this time in Germany. Dressed in “Who’s That Chick” music video outfit the statue looks just like the superstar.

I Side eye Beyonce so- called Pregnancy.

Beyonce at the Jun 26, 2011 – Photo of The 2011 Glastonbury Music Festival - Day 3 - Performances

Destiny's Childhood friends: The pair attended the listening party for Jay-Z and Kanye West's upcoming album last monthRead more:

Sandra Rose did a excellent post for Beyonce attention seeking ass.
Beyonce stole the entire show last night at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards by announcing that she's pregnant. But is she really? Compelling evidence seems to suggest that Mrs. Carter may not be with child after all.
I realize that some of you are incurable Beyonce Stans, and as such, your Stan worship can cloud your judgment. So I prepared this graphic to help you see how ridiculous it is that Beyonce expects us to believe she grew a baby bump in just 10 days! The pictures don’t lie.
Even if she is pregnant, why would she upstage all the other celebrit…