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Beyonce"4" album is projected to sell 270,000 copies in its debut week.

Beyonce and her camp hijacked media shows.
Beyonce stans patrolling every got damn boards by labeling everyone a "Hater" who are not Beyonce fans.
Beyonce paying extra cash for exclusive magazine covers and photoshoots.
Beyonce is only going to sell 270,000.  I cannot stop myself from laughing!!!!

Check out Judicary Report this website always speak the truth.
Beyonce Knowles' new album entitled "4" has flopped, as did the first two copyright infringing singles from the project, "Girls" and "1+1." It was initially reported the disc would be pushed back, but it wasn't and now it has failed. 
Sony is going to lose a significant amount of money on the project, as they have spent millions on recording, video production, marketing, promotion, payola and bribing certain mainstream sites and blogs for favorable coverage, expecting a sure hit. 
The heavily promoted album is projected to sell 270,000 copies in its debut week. Her previous album "Sas…

Peter Thomas RHOA expands his business by opening Barone in Hotlanta

Peter and majority of the Real Housewives of Atlanta came to Support Peter. The lovely Cynthia Bailey , Ms. Diva Nene Leakes, Phaedra, Sheree Whitfield all came by to support. Cynthia looks very beautiful and more youthful as well she should keep this look.

On the left is the newest RHOA Marlo Hampton's fiance, Charles Grant.

Kandi, Sheree, and Phaedra attended another event.

Credit: Realitytea

Teyana Taylor "Her Room" video

Teyana Taylor has talent; she did really well in her video. Teyana just inspire me to head to the gym. If I had Teyana abs, I would be the shit. I am looking forward in listening more Teyana's music in the future.

Diamond Princess Trina says, "She is not Pregnant Damn it" well I said that tidbit.

It is said when you cannot gain weight without anyone labeling you pregnant. Moving on Trina shut down those pregnancy rumors on her twitter page. While the pregnancy was reported as a fact, Trina denounced the inaccurate reports.To whom it may concern, I am my own woman, make my own money, pay my own bills... Don't ask anybody for shit so therefore FUCK off!!!

I will NOT ever be 100 pounds.. So if that's what y'all want #killyoself I have and will always be a woman with curves! And I LOVE them...

I DO not take diet pills or any other crash diets to lose weight! I work out like normal people so if I gain a few pounds so FUCKIN what!!!

Every woman is NOT suppose to look like a dammn broomstick! I'm very comfortable i'n my own skin with all my curves and assests! #thanksmom

I DON'T give a shit about no blogs or none of u HATERS!! I'm so important i'n your eyes that's the reason u take the time to talk shit!
Trina do you to let you know it is all Media…

NEW: Rihanna’s Vita Coco Coconut Water national ad campaign

Don't Believe the Hype about Beyonce: More Bad Reviews album "4"

''My persuasion can build a nation,'' Beyoncé sings on ''Run The World (Girls),'' the first single from her new album, 4. She's speaking in broad terms, about the often subtle and unrecognized power women have in human society. ''Endless power, with our love we can devour.''

BeyoncéOn an individual level, however, Beyoncé hasn't quite proven she can build a nation. The New Yorker's Sasha Frere-Jones recently called Beyoncé ''America's Sweetheart,'' and noted she's practically milquetoast compared to the more transgressive Lady Gaga. That may be true, but Beyoncé is nonetheless decidedly difficult to take.

Some people find Beyoncé hard to relate to, given that at least in outward appearance she's known nothing but success in all facets of life since she was a teenager. (And she's only 29.) Her dogged pursuit to keep her private life private, while commendable in idea and execution in our reveal-al…

My Dude Lupe New Music " Out of my Head" feat Trey songz

I'm not a big fan of rap music well today's rap music Lupe is my dude. I am loving this joint especially with Trey blended vocals in the song. Make sure you guys peep the video below. In my Fabolous voice, "Niceee".

Rapper J Cole's 'Bad Girls Club' Video set

Wale repped for the Pirates and Knicks while shooting the video for “Bad Girls Club,” the first single from his sophomore album, underneath the blue skies of Los Angeles on Tuesday (June 28).

Credit: Rap up

The Real Beyonce album 4 Review one word FLOP!!!

THINK Beyoncé, and "mellow" isn't the first word that comes to mind. But on "4," the singer stifles Sasha Fierce -- her hip-hop alter ego -- for a collection of mild-child R&B tunes.
This slow-rider attack doesn't lend these tunes more depth, but does allow Beyoncé to showcase singing skills that range from soprano highs to her knack for shifting from growl to purr. As flexible as her voice is, it's wasted on songs that wouldn't stick in your head even if they were smeared with "Crazy in Love" glue.
"4" opens with the love ballad "1+1," a sleepy R&B piece that floats on subtle neo-soul strings and horns. If vocal elegance is the goal here, Beyoncé ruins the mood by jumping to high notes at the end of each verse, as if somebody had goosed her.
Kate TurningBeyoncé's latest album will put you to sleep -- even the Kanye track! -- but a new electro-pop single by Selena Gomez (inset) will wake you up.The…

Rick ROSS control your Got damn dogs: Accused in Gruesome Doggy Death

Here is an adorable Yorkie named Banks is on Rick Ross' hands ... according to a lawsuit filed against the rapper.

A neighbor is suingRick Ross after three of his pit bulls escaped from his Atlanta, Georgia mansion in April and mauled her pet Yorkshire Terrier, who died in the attack.
The neighbor claims that the three-year-old puppy had “three large bit wounds on his back” as well as a “very large bit wound” around his neck. Police arrived on the scene freed the dog from the attack, but the owner was forced to euthanize the dog since the wounds were so extreme.
Ross was cited for the incident, but the neighbor also filed a lawsuit against the Teflon Don demanding $15,000 in court costs and damages. The neighbor claims that Ross is yet to apologize for the incident.
If it was me Rick Ross man boob having ass will be saying sorry, and paying for the removal of my shoe out his ass. I cannot stand Rick Ross cocky ass fake Biggie wannabe Walrus looking MOFO. I will tell you one thing he …

Ashanti is coming with fresh new single “Single coming in 2-3 weeks”

Yea !! Ashanti will be back with new music. I always been Ashanti fan.  It is wonderful to hear what Ashanti has to offer music wise.

Erykah Badu is about to show the world her MIXTAPE very SOON

Erykah Badu decided to heat up the summer months with her first mixtape, set for release this July. The eclectic songstress will offer the piece under the moniker DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown which she uses for her DJ gigs.

Credit: Pinboard blog

Fresh New Music: New Music: Lloyd Featuring R.Kelly, Keri Hilson & K'Nann - 'World Cry'

 "Ever wondered about the hurricane? Ever see the anger in the rain, false/I think it's just the world crying for, asking what the hell we dying for." I am telling you guys LLOYD can sing his ass off.  I love this record already.  Make sure you pick up LLOYD's new album "Kings of Hearts" on July 5.

Alright !!!! JILL Scott Marks First #1 Debut in the Country With New Album "The Light Of The Sun"

     Three time Grammy-winning singer/actress Jill Scott triumphantly returns after a four year musical hiatus to mark her first #1 album in the country with The Light Of The Sun (Blues Babe/Warner Bros). With sales of over 135k, Scott bests Bon Iver and Adele -- who cites Jill as an inspiration -- for this week's top selling albums across all genres. Her debut single "So In Love," which made TIME Magazine's 2011 best of summer music list, also holds the #1 spot on Urban radio. Scott's successful return additionally comes with a string of number ones, gracing her first Billboard Magazine cover, as well as her first solo performance at the 2011 BET Awards which The Washington Post named as one of the night's greatest performances.
The Light Of The Sun has scored rave reviews across all the major critics including Entertainment Weekly, who remarked "Jill of all trades... she returns to R&B like she never's a welcome flashback." The Ne…

Kelly Rowland's " Here I AM" Track list/ Kelly Rowland in UK pictures

Standard Edition1. “I’m Dat Chick”
2. “Work It Man” feat. Lil Playy
3. “Motivation” feat. Lil Wayne
4. “Lay It on Me” feat. Big Sean
5. “Feelin’ Me Right Now”
6. “Turn It Up”
7. “All of the Night” feat. Rico Love
8. “Keep It Between Us”
9. “Commander”
10. “Down for Whatever”

Deluxe Edition
11. “Heaven & Earth”
12. “Each Other”
13. “Motivation (Rebel Rock Remix)” feat. Lil Wayne
14. “Commander (Urban Remix)” feat. Nelly

Kelly's third solo album Here I Am, is due July 26.

Credit: Rap Up

Exclusive: Chris Brown "Marvin's Room" version

How many versions of Drake's "Marvin's Room floating around the web? Damn I just lost count. Well this is Chris Brown version of "Marvin's Room". I do not know about you guys but I am a wee bit tired of the "Marvin's Room" different versions. Although, I like to hear other artists different versions of one song.  I like Chris Brown version; you have to admit dude is very talented.

Chris Brown

havent given yall free music in a while.. thought i would do something for the ladies!!!14 hours agoFavoriteRetweetReply»Chris Brown

here it is MARVINS ROOM REMIX!!!14 hours agoFavoriteRetweetReply»Chris Brown

Couple more minutes!! my bad15 hours agoFavoriteRetweetReply»Chris Brown

Marvins room remix!! Coming at 11:11 west coast time!