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What the hell happen to Keri Hilson?

Keri Hilson wore attend PAPER Magazine’s Beautiful People Party, held at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles. Keri get together and please upgrade to a new stylist. Everything about this look is wrong from head to toe. No Miss. Keri this look is a hell to the no. I am not a fashion expert, but damn Keri you could do better than this no MAM. I wish Keri will get rid of that horrible blonde hair. I love the darker hair color on Keri it suits her face . The blonde washes Keri looks and it makes her look older. Keri lay off the makeup because you look like a walking corpse. Get it together Miss. Keri , and I give Miss. Keri two thumbs down.Darker hair looks so much better on Keri.

Twitter is the Damn Devil

I notice how more and more rapidly Twitter has been racist towards black people. I mean look at the recent Twitter Topics on Twitter.!/search/%23thingsblackfolksscaredof.
What the fuck is Twitter trying to start a race war? Instead of black people finding this offensive tell me why are some of them is going along with the Twitter topic. Maybe it is just me, but this racism on Twitter has got to stop. I am calling awareness on Twitter racism and this shit has to stop.


I will try to update this blog as much as possible due to college work. I may be a little late updating the latest news. When I do update you best believe you will be entertained. Later Guys !!!!

Old Fool Going Through Mid Life Crisis


What kind of grown ass man will be cool with calling himself Baby? Well this is why I cannot take him seriously last week. Baby threw his daughter a $60,000 birthday party for his daughter. As usual Baby has a well known history as showing off his wealth. Yesterday there is a recent picture of Baby making it rain in a club. My thing is what kind of example Baby is setting for his daughter. Now some may argue well he is just pleasuring himself; he can spend his money for whatever he please. Have you heard of privacy everything is not suppose to be seen on the internet. Now this is a poor thing to do when you have kids old enough to know what is going on. How old is this man 60? When is it time to grow up and stop acting like a 20 year old with new money? You can label me as a “Hater” all you want. I do not see rappers like Master P and Ice Cube behaving like Baby does and they have a family. I do not find this behavior attractive or funny. I find it quite disturbing that thes…