Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Serena breaks silence on Wimbledon meltdown: "I was scared"

Serena breaks silence on Wimbledon meltdown: "I was scared"
Serena Williams has said she was bed-ridden for three days with a virus which cut short her appearance in the doubles alongside sister Venua at Wimbledon last month.
Speaking for the first time of the bizarre incident during the women's doubles match which saw the umpire ask the world No 1 whether she was well enough to play on, Williams said she is now fit and ready to begin working towards a third consecutive US Open crown and 18th Grand Slam singles title.
Williams will make her return tomorrow in a WTA event at Stanford University.

Ma$e Had A Welcome Back Party To Celebrate Back Sliding From The Lord..

Jesus take the wheel! Not too long ago, Mase announce he is returning to the rap game click Here if you missed if you missed the story. Well, Mase  had a Welcome Back party over the weekend. Click Here to view the photos...

50 Cent Defends His Parenting On Social Media.....

Instagram media by 50cent - POWER IS ON DON'T MISS IT!!!

50 Cent defends his parenting skills on social media. 50 Cent can brag about having Thots all acroos the globe and  tease Floyd MayWeather about his ex. Shantel Jackson. 50 Cent does a poor job taking carer his older son Marquise. 50 Cent shows unconditional love for his youngest son but barely spend time with his eldest son. 

After 50 posted an image of his young son on the social media platform, the publication reports that someone questioned his parenting and another person questioned the emcee's relationship with Marcus, his oldest son. 

50 then reportedly posted the following as a reply: "B*tch don’t talk to me like you know me. The boy 18 years old if he wanted to talk to me we would speak. Go suck a d*ck if you ain’t nothing to do."

Chris Brown’s ‘X’ Album To Be Released This Fall

Chris Brown’s ‘X’ Album To Be Released This Fall

Hollywood life reports, An music insider EXCLUSIVELY reveals to HollywoodLife.com that Chris is “about to announce fall album release date.” So exciting!

Drake and Chris Brown end beef over Rihanna after producer Mally Mall's ends one feud and starts another. Starring Chloe Melas Directed...

Another insider previously confirmed to HollywoodLife.com that “the tour will be in conjunction with the album and that will happen this year!” Wow. This is truly a happy day for all Chris fans out there.

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