Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lil Wayne Slapped With Another Lawsuit....

Lil Wayne has another thing common with Birdman.. Both of the rappers stay getting sued. TMZ reports, Shanise Taylor is suing Weezy, and in the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- she admits posing for a 2011 photo session. She says she's not a professional model, and when the photog sent her the shots she figured that was the end of that.... Taylor says she never signed off on the shirts using her bod -- and, furthermore, she never would want her image "on apparel associated with misogyny and violence."

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Blind Item..

Double Blind Items...
   [Blind Gossip] We usually tell you when celebrities are faking romances, but today we are going to tell you about some financial fakers! This famous bad-boy actor is facing multiple lawsuits related to his personal behavior. He is having a tough time shielding his assets. Setting up real estate trusts at this point would be an obvious signal to the courts that he is trying to hide his assets. While he has received the same advice from two different counselors – sell your houses to your exes so your children will have a place to live – he is so distrustful of his exes that he would rather sell the properties to someone else than allow them to control his assets. 
 Actor: [Optional] Smart financial strategy? 
 Blind Item number #2... 
 [Blind Gossip] This actor is facing multiple serious lawsuits related to his disgusting personal behavior. We are hearing that he is considering a very sneaky strategy for protecting his wealth. He may divorce his wife for the sole purpose of shielding half his assets from the plaintiffs! The actor needs to trust his wife completely in order for this arrangement to work.

The Westbrooks Episode 7

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Kenya Moore Reads Phaedra To Filth Over Comment About Dark Skin

On the last episode of RHOA, Phaedra mad a snide remark over Kenya Moore's skin tone comparing it to shit. You know the scene when both Phaedra and her dizzy friend Porsha both received a "Colon Cleanse". Well Kenya blogs about the incident and other stuff.

Kenya on Her Party Planners' "Epic Fail"

WATER IN A BOTTLE I thought Porsha and I were in a better place, which is why I invited her and Phaedrato my party. There were over 100 gift bags with actual Kenya Moore Hair Care Product given away at my event. Yet Porsha and her side kick chose to focus on the display only bottles used as table decorations and negatively mock my product line. It’s sad that Porsha and Phaedra always feel a need to be hateful toward me after all we have been through to move past our tumultuous history. Together they dumb each other down. Phaedra taking digs at my previous skin condition with my date and making the comment about my skin being dark. These types of ignorant comments not only insult me as a dark skinned woman but an entire race. All black is beautiful. We should be celebrating our differences, which is why in my opinion Phaedra's comment warrants an apology. And then there is Porsha, who relentlessly goes out of her way to imply my hair is a “weave” or that I wear her line of fake hair -- all coming from the girl who has never shown her real hair on TV and chooses to wear booty-length full wigs, weaves, and clip-in hair attachments on a daily basis. I don’t judge because that is her choice, however, I have all natural waist length, strong, healthy, thick hair as a result of using my own products.      


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