Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Meet Robin Thicke Alleged New Girlfriend

Robin  dumps Paula for a young ass girl....

TMZ reports, April Love Geary is only 19 ... she couldn't even do this legally until a year ago. Butt clearly she couldn't wait to bare arms, and legs and ...

We got our hands on modeling pics April took with famed photographer Neave Bozorgi, who has an eye for very hot young women.

It's unclear whether Robin saw the pics before he began dating April, but if he did, it's kinda like test driving a Porsche ... once you get behind the wheel you just gotta have it.

George Stephanopoulos Interviews Police Officer Darren Wilson

Darren Wilson interview with ABC breaks his silence about the shooting of Michael Brown.

Wilson told ABC News that he did not execute Brown on August 9 but was in fear for his life and was just doing his job.

Wilson told ABC News that Brown reached into his car and grabbed his gun. He described how Brown charged toward him and he felt that he had to shoot Michael Brown.
The interview comes a day after the grand jury’s decision not to indict Wilson in an incident that sparked national outcry.

Mary J. Blige's "The London Sessions" Album Stream...

Instagram media by therealmaryjblige - #AMA #TheLondonSessions
Mary J. Blige's "The London Sessions" Album Stream... The album will be in stores December 2nd. Click Here to listen to the stream.

Tracklist is below:

01. Therapy
02. Doubt
03. Not Loving You
04. When You're Gone
05. Right Now
06. My Loving
07. Long Hard Look
08. Whole Damn Year
09. Nobody But You
10. Pick Me Up
11. Follow
12. Worth My Time

Shad Moss Slams Al Sharpton on Social Media...

Instagram media by shadmossofficial - BTS PHOTO: CSI CYBER press shoot.
Shad is not here for Al Sharpton and slammed the activist on social media... What the hell has Shad Moss done during the whole Mike Brown's situation?

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