Friday, October 31, 2014

UPDATED: Celebrities HALLOWEEN Constume 2014 Candids...

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Amber Rose  and Blac Chyna show off their Halloween spirit... Beyonce channels Janet Jackson and her hubby Jay z dress up as well. Katy Perry dressed up as  Cheetos. Blue Ivy dresses up like a miniature MJ. North West dresses up like a skunk.

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Big Sean

Fabolous and Emily B

Toya Wright and Memphitz

New Ish: Remy Ma Drops A New Mixtape On Halloween

Instagram media by therealremyma - It's time. The mixtape... I'M AROUND !!! Rest in peace to the bitches that's dying to be me!!! #IMAROUND #ImAroundTheMixtape  #RemyMa #Remaholics #Remaniacs #Reminators #RemyTheRuler
Remy Ma Drops A New Mixtape On Halloween

K.MICHELLE: MY LIFE Full Episode 1 Season 1

R&B superstar K.Michelle has a #1 record and a new place to call home: New York City. The future looks bright - but is a blast from the past going to rain on K's parade?

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Blind Item Alert........

The picture does not represent blind item....

[Blind Gossip] This singer is pregnant. And although she hasn’t even announced it yet, we already have two EXCLUSIVE pieces of info about her pregnancy for you!

First: The identity of the father. It may not be who you think it is! You think it’s her ex, don’t you? The one with whom she had all the drama?

Well, here’s the shocker: She honestly doesn’t KNOW who the father is! Yikes!

She does have it narrowed it down to to two people, though. It’s either her ex… or her record producer! Yes, she was hooking up with him at the same time she was with her ex. What a mess! Although it is the kind of drama that would play well on a reality show.

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